Our Values

Mayfield Fellowship aims to deliver care to the Residents who access the service of Mayfield Court in a manner that preserves and maintains their dignity, individuality, and privacy.

All staff on induction receive training on care deliver and the Core Values of Care which are fundamental to the philosophy of Mayfield Fellowship.

Aims and Objectives of Care Delivery

  • Fulfillment
  • Dignity
  • Privacy
  • Respect
  • Rights
  • Esteem
  • Quality of experience
  • Emotional needs
  • Choice
  • Equality and Diversity

These aims of objectives will be met by the high quality of care residents at Mayfield Court will receive from the care team which include:

  • Choice and independence in meeting their social, recreational, cultural and religious needs;
  • Regular meetings to discuss their social and care needs;
  • Maintaining each residents right to privacy and dignity at all times;
  • Being able to raise concerns or complaints about any aspect of their care without fear of being victimised;
  • Encouraged and supported to maintain contact with family and friends and to participate in hobbies and interests inside and outside of Mayfield Court;
  • Having unrestricted access to Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission during visits or any other significant health care professional.

Surveys will be undertaken to ensure views and experiences of residents, families and significant others are taken into account when making decisions about the delivery of care services.

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