By debbie 4 December 2013

On the 29th november Myself David Jones, Jenny Good, Maureen McKay, Margi Young and Paula Doyle went went to blackpool for four days. On our way into blackpool we stoped at a pub called the outside in to have our dinner where i had a massive chicken burger. When we got to the hotel it was pouring with rain and very windy. We stayed in a hotel called the new mayfair I was sharing with Jenny, David was sharing with Paula and Maureen was sharing with Margi.

In the evening we had our tea and got ready for the evenings entertainment which was a singer who was brilliant we also played bingo which was fun but i didnt win. The next mornin we were up brightband early to go to fleetwood shopping centre and had a go on the arcades in the evening we had another singer and another game of bingo which paula won and we were up dancing and Margy was doing the dance to saturday night which was fun to watch.

The next day we were walkin along the front Jenny wanted to bury Margy in the sand but we didnt so we went back to the arcades in the afternoon we went back to the hotel and we had a Mcdonalds as we got back too late for a Sandwich that night we had singer called Gary Who Jenny liked the look of we also played bingo which Jenny and David both shared. The next day we got up and dressed had breakfast we got the rest of our things our things packed and come back to mayfield.