Pams retirement

By debbie 29 March 2015

On Friday 27th March we had a retirement tea party for Pam who retired after working with us for 20 years at mayfield court.

Pam started working as a carer and then went on to doing everybody's washing we wish her well in everything she gets up to in life. She said she will come and see us. Goodbye pam from all the residents.

Christmas party

By debbie 10 December 2013

On friday 6th December we had our christmas party it was also Kevin Pollocks 40th birthday. We started by having christmas music and a buffy and then we had a singer called Acer who was a soul singer who entetained us with all of his songs.

Father Christmas (Donald) came to see us to give out presents to all the residents and selection boxes to all the children we know. We ended the afternoon by having a raffle we had loads of winners including myself. A good afternoon enjoyed by all.


By debbie 4 December 2013

On the 29th november Myself David Jones, Jenny Good, Maureen McKay, Margi Young and Paula Doyle went went to blackpool for four days. On our way into blackpool we stoped at a pub called the outside in to have our dinner where i had a massive chicken burger. When we got to the hotel it was pouring with rain and very windy. We stayed in a hotel called the new mayfair I was sharing with Jenny, David was sharing with Paula and Maureen was sharing with Margi.

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Carole and Vikkies run for cancer reasearch

By Paula 4 September 2013

I interviewed Vikkie Jones about her 5K run with Carole Ackers for Cancer Research at Aintree Race Course on 23rd June 2013.

We under took the 5K run on a really windy day. When we arrived it was raining but by time the race began it had stopped but was very windy. The warm up was good and we were a little bit knackerd from that!!! The race had over 2000 girls racing in pink to support the cancer charity. The race was really,really hard as the wind was against us and the grass was thick and uneven on the course to run around.

I finished the course in 34 minutes and Carole finished in 37 minutes. We both got a medal and a rose when we finished. We celebrated the run in the afternoon in the pub!!!

Knowlsey safari park

By Stan Vick 4 September 2013

Myself, Billy Cooke, Stephen Hunt, Donald Woodall, Sandra Taylor and Alan wild went to Knowsley Safari Park, and had a lovely time. The weather was hot. We had our lunch and seen all the animals. We went to the sea lion show which was my favorite. We walked aroun some of the park which i didnt think you could not do and seen Elephants and Giraffes and Mere cats . There was a Bug house but Steps to it so couldnt go in there.