American Themed day

By Debbie 4 September 2013

Our American themed day had to be held inside due to bad weather and rain unfortunately its hard to predict the weather. Andy the chef was in the garden under the gazebo cooking the barbecue which was quite funny in the rain. We had a karoke and lots of residents got up to sing.

We also used this occasion for David Singer to present Sharon Woodhouse {now Lewis} with her wedding gifts as it was her last day before her wedding.

Italian day

By Kevin Pollock 11 June 2013

On the 4th of June 2013 we had an Italian day, we made flags and painted local quotes to decorate the dining room. The menu was garlic bread with minestrone soup for starters, Tortellini Alla Panna (pasta with a cream, ham and mushroom sauce) for the main and Tiramisu for pudding.

The meal was very enjoyable and different, all the residents seemed to enjoy the food and it went down well. The next themed day is an American Barbecue to be held in the garden to celebrate Independence Day on 2nd July 2013, we are all looking forward to it and praying for good weather.

Laura and Craig’s wedding day

By Winnie Pollock 10 June 2013

On the 7th June 2012 our Office Manager Laura Malcolm got married to Craig Nuttall at Mossley Hill Church.

A few of us where very honoured to be invited to the church to see her special day. The church had really good disabled access and we were very pleased that they accomodated the wheel chairs well with a pew expecially for us. Laura arrived fashoinably late as expected on the arm of her dad, to gasps from her guests as how beautiful her dress was and how stunning she looked. Her little boy Thomas looked gorgeous in his little white suit.

Although we were unable to take photographs in the church we did manage to take a few outside, but i am sure that Laura will pass on any nice ones of the church for us to see. We would all like to wish Laura and her husband Craig all the best happiness for the future. On arrival back to Mayfield we celebrated the wedding with a barbecue out in the garden.

My holiday Majorca 24th-29th April 2013

By Billy Cooke 13 May 2013

Myself, Stephen Hunt, Violet Jenkins and Sian Van Wyk De Vries were accompanied by Paula Doyle, Vera Ebsworth and Nicky Donnelly on holiday to Puerto Pollenca Majorca. The flight was enjoyable, comfortable and smooth and the assistance on to the aeroplane was very good. We were met by two lovely and friendly taxi drivers and taken to our apartment.

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My new i-Pad

By Debbie 13 May 2013

I now have a new i pad which has made such a difference to my life as i go to various meetings john mores and natural breaks it enables me to do my notes and print them independently i am also pleased to advise that i have now been asked to help out other residents to update the blog giving updates on day to day life as events happen.

I hope you all enjoy reading what we get up to.